We are now closed at our current location please read ❤

We will not be reopening the restaurant at this time. With the increasing costs of food and rent it doesnt make sense to continue in our space. We could have raised our prices but my mom refused due to her loyality to her customers. We could have open the dining room and longer hours but because of my kids I just couldn’t do this to them.

We worked hard and we tried our best. Thank you to our amazing and loyal customers for being with us all the way.

I’ll continue to share our journey as we take a step back and figure out our next steps as a family food business. In between we are brainstorming creative ways to bring you your Saigon favourites and envisioning if building our own take-out spot is a possibility.

Im sharing a pic of me 4 years old and my mom in our first restaurant, and me now with my 4 year old son in our restaurant. Who would of known that my mom’s legacy and love for serving the food you love would continue through time like this.

So I cannot think of this as an ending, because love like this will never end.

With love and always making the food you love,

The Saigon Family ❤

Happy Lunar New Year🐇🧧

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 🧧🎆

This upcoming year we will fully embrace the year of the rabbit with love, peace and hope in our hearts ❤

Wishing everyone love, hope, and prosperity for new year 2023!

Chúc Xuân 2023 an khang thịnh vượng 🧧
Happy Lunar New Year from the Saigon Family ❤

How to Pre-Order🥡

We are a tiny family run takeout restaurant, our food is made to order so we can only do a certain amount of orders every evening. Our mom makes small batches of food each day as she does not believe in food waste. She wants to make sure her customers food is fresh to order.

Of course we will accept orders the day of…it just depends how busy we are. If there is a long wait and you cannot get through you can try pre-ordering for next time (Tip: Weekends are the busiest)

How to pre-order ☎️

To avoid long wait times or to have your order for a certain time you can pre-order in advance by emailing us at saigonwellington@gmail.com with the following: name, contact phone, exact food order, and time desired.

If you email orders for same day please try to send before 4pm, after 4pm just call me and if I don’t pick up leave me a msg.

ORDERS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU HEAR BACK FROM US with confirmation by email or phone.

❗Orders will not be accepted if info is missing.

❗We do NOT accept orders through social media inquires.

❗We do not respond to orders on our days off (Sundays and Mondays).

If you call or email and do not hear back it means we cannot accept anymore orders as time slots are full for that day.

Thank you from the Saigon Family ❤

Saigon Info

Social Media:

For any inquiries, contact us at saigonwellington@gmail.com.

Find us on Facebook under Saigon Wellington or on Instagram @saigonwellington.

*Please note we do not accept any orders through social media please call to place during business hours or preplace by information explained above